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    Wansontang science and technology industrial park wihich Located in Yan emperor’s native place,home town of bell.Suizhou Economic Development Zone have the plan area 120,investment 1.7 hundred millions.


    It will be the biggest health industrial aircraft carrier in Central China and South of China. Science and technology industrial park build normative corporate governance structure.Put concentralization of power in decision making into practice.Level-to -level administration,specialized operation.


    Business division management system.Plan annual production value 5-6 hundred millions (thereinto earn foreign exchange 1.2 hundred millions through export) annual earn profit 5 millions.Meanwhile drive related industry(agriculture product,Chinese herbal medicine,medicine,health protection product,nourishment,printing,package,logistic) development together.Fill the empty of industry,improve product circulate,at last can solve cocal problem of employment of eight hundred peoples.Social benefits are notable.

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