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Allusions about DaHongpao black tea


    There are many legends about its name “DaHongpao”.Once upon a time,there was a poor scholar to beijing exam.One day,when he pass the WuYi mountain,he got seriously sick and lie down on the road.The old abbot of Tianxin templehelped him,the old abbot soak a cup of tea for him to drink,the tea is growing on the mountain,It is very magic that he soon recovered. Subsequently this poor scholar passed the examination,he was in the champion and was selected as the emperor’s son-in-law.Although he had been rapid advance in his career,he did not forget his savior,he went back to WuYi mountain to express his shane to the old abbot. When he left there he collected and processed one box of the tea as tribute to the emperor.When he arrived the capital,he heard that the queen was sick in bed because of bloating.he immediately delicated the tea for the queen who recovered after drinking it.The emperor was exultancy and he commanded the scholar bring a bright red robe to WuYi mountain for rewarding.After he arriving,,a axman was commanded up to the mountainsize and covering the bright red robe on the tea trees to express the emperor’s bounties. People were surprised that the six tea tree's sprouts emitted bright red light when the robe was opened ,people believe it was incarnadined by the robe.finally the tea trees were named “Da Hong Pao” and becoming the court’s tribute tea.


    Another legend is that long long ago,whenever the tea trees germinated in the spring,people drumming to call together the monkeys.these monkeys were put on red clothes and then they climbed the bluff picking the tea.the tea trees were red when watched in the distance,so the tea was named “Da Hong Pao”.



Characteristics of Da Hong Pao black tea.


    Its bands tight knot,the color is green-brown and it looks fresh and moist.After brewed,the tea soup is bright orange,beautiful leaves are red and green.The most outstanding character is that its YEN flavour is very patency,it has the heavy flavour like orchid’s fragrance.”Da Hong Pao” is very resistant to brew,still remain its fragrance when brewed for 7 or 8 times.



    The way to taste “Kung fu tea” is that the tea bottle and cup are small,and drink it slowly with little mouth,only by this way,you can really feel the peak of YEN flavour.it pays the attentions to characteristics of alive、sweet、fresh、fragrance.


    There are many aspects to taste “Da Hong Pao”:shape、tea soup color、fragrance、flavor、frequency of brewing、tea leaves.etc.fragrance and flavor are the two most important aspects.


    Frangrance:Deeply breathing,if the fragrance smell faint,the quality is superior.It is best for the deeply fragrance tea(enough roasting fire) with fruit or butter fragrances.it is best for the light fragrance tea (gently roasting fire) with flower or honey peach fragrance.


    Flavour:It is good when taste sweet and smooth instead of bitter and tingling.Bad quality when the tea soup is dim and without texture.The quality of rock tea depends on the degree of bitter flavour and the frequency of brewing. 


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