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Pu’er tea has high cost-effectiveand high value of collection,suitable for the majorty of tea lover.The packing of this product is very dignity,emitting its royal flavor everywhere.


Function of pu’er tea


1,reduce fat、slimming、reduce blood pressure、anti- arteriosclerosis.

2,prevent cancer、anti-cancer.

3,raise and protect stomach

4,protect tooth

5, anti-inflammatory、sterilization、cure dysentery。



The effect of health and slimming of pu’er tea is accepted by more and more people who are tea lovers.it has a fuction of good nursed back to health for hypertension、high blood suger and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.there is a natural slimming effect for women who long-term drinking the tea which can be used to reduce the fat.it is suitable for long-term drinking of all ages’s people since the ripened pu’er tea has a gentle tea chacteristic,it also uesed to care the intestinal and stomach.The pu’er tea series are refined by selecting the large leaf variety sunning MaoCha produced from the SiMao pu’er -producing areas in Yunnan province.All these products collect the ripened tea,keeped for over 1 years,to being compressed to produce them.the tea leaves’s degree of fermention is well and the clarity of the compressed tea is high. This pu’er tea of out company is a high cost-effective product without any flavour of piling.


Does pu’er tea turn bad


If the storage method of pu’er tea is proper,the longer time it is collected,the more fragrance it will be.but when you buy a pu’er tea,you will find a shelf life labeled on the packing which is a necessary sign of food according to prescript.in fact,you need not to for it when you drinking the pu’er tea with proper storage.   


The way to distinguish the age of pu’er tea: observe the tea appearance


New pu’er tea has more fresh color with white tipped and the fragrance is strong;after undergoing a long oxygenation,the color of pu’er tea will be burgundy, and the white tipped will change into yellowish auburn.


The collection and storage methold of pu’er tea


The longer time pu’er tea is collected,the more fragrance it will be.it is praised as an “antique” be able to drink.Pu’er tea has large collection value and increment space.the longer age of pu’er tea is ,the price is more expensive and the taste is much better.

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