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The legends of LongJing tea


The flat character of nowaday LongJing teas are connecting with Qing dynasty’s emperor QianLong.It is said that when the emperor visited HangZhou during one of his famous holidays,he went to the Hu gong temple,a old monk presented a cup of Lion Peak Mountain longjing tea which is amongst the finest and most representative longjing teas of westlake. He was so enamored with its clean aroma,and decided to pick it himself.for some reason,He hastily shoved the leaves he had picked into his sleeve and immediately left for Beijing.when he arrivaled beijing the tea leaves were flattened,the tea with flattened shape was admire by the queen mother.Qian Long granted the tea bush growthed in front of Hu Gong temple as emperor tea which were designed to mimic the appearance of the flattened leaves for the queen mother.but this is just a beautiful legends,It is generally believed that the flattened shape of longjing tea is affect by the making tea technic of AnHui DaFang tea in the last Ming dynasty and early Qing dynasty.


Westlake LongJing tea are named since the reason that they are produced from the LongJing teas’s  base of westlake in HangZhou.it is one of the China top 10 famous tea.Ancient literators always described Westlake as XiShi,and famous tea was likened a beauty.Long Jing is not only a place name,but also a spring name and a tea name.LongJing teas have four unique characteristics:green color、fragrance、taste sweet、beautiful appearance.Superior West lake LongJing teas are flat and smooth、tender and straight,its color is tender green and smooth,its fragrance is fresh and tender、clean and high.they taste fresh and brisk、sweet and mellow.Infused leaves are fine and tender and with flower-shaped.the tea picked and produced before Qingming Festival is called Pre-Qingming longjing tea,and it has another beautiful name “Nv Er Hong”.it combine famous mountain、temple、lake、spring and tea in one.Steeping a cup of LongJing tea,you will taste the unique and proud culture of LongJing tea. 


The Westlake LongJing teas are produced on the mountains around the west lake.it is characterize by its flat、tender and straight,clean aroma and mellow,steeping in a cup,its green leaves is vivid,looked like the waterlilies.West lake LongJing tea is famous for its four unique characteristics: green color、fragrance、taste sweet、beautiful appearance.


The tasting of LongJing 



Long Jing teas have a straight、flat shape,like a petal of orchid.They have light green or verdure colors,which are bright and smooth.thier fragrance are clean and high、fresh and brisk.They taste sweet,having aftertaste liking the fresh olive.When brewing,firstly pour the 85℃--90℃ boiled water into a clean cup,then,put the teas into the cup,after a while,you will see the leaves curl upwards,the tea leaves and tea buds staggered matched,as tender and pleasant as waterlilies.Tea soup color is green jade,its fragrance is clean and high,it taste sweet and mellow, authentically the superior product of tea.


When we taste and admire LongJing tea,the fragrance will stay in our mouth,making us relaxed and happy.LongJing teas are characterize by their fragrance and mellow,not the feeling of heavy.To appreciate the fragrance,It is best to taste carefully and sip slowly,admire at pains。The tea expert LuCizhi of Qing dynasty  had praised LongJing tea that authentic LongJing teas has sweet fragrance and their tea soup is not clear,sip it with light sapor,but after a while,the fragrance stay in our mouth,the teas benefit for health and they are rarity product.Soybean is made into fertilizer for the superior LongJing,so they have heavy soy flavor when brewing.


improve spirit,produce saliva and bate thirsty.reduce the neutral fat、cholesterin and low density lipoprotein of blood.anti-oxidation,anti-gene mutation,anti- tumour.restrain the rise of blood pressure and agglutination of blood platelet,anti-bacterium,anti- hypersusceptibility。

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