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It spends 3 years for Wuhan WanSongTang cooperated with Taiwan CARRM slimming center to create this product.it uses the world’s most advanced health slimming concept which is “nutritionally balanced+low calories+normal metabolism”.according to this concept and breaking through a variety of technical problems,it is produced by combining tea,flower,fruit as one.This product contains all kinds of microelements,Lotus and pu’er is effective for slimming,fruit flavonoids can supplement vitamin C ,vitamin E for women and the bitter orange can detoxifies.It is really a excellent product for women’s slimming and beauty.


[ingredientes]kiwi,grapes,papaya,wax apple,lemon,bitter orange,aloe,lotus,pu’er

[specification]5g/bag*10bags/box*100boxes/carton(complimentary trial 5bags/box)

[usage method]put the tea bag in a cup,steep the tea bag in boiling water for 3~5minites,drink it white it is hot. It can be repeatedly brewing for 2~3 times till the tea soup color fades.


Five characteristics of fruit flavors slimming tea


1:Effectiveness:Stimulate the activity of lipase and thus inhibit fat synthesised.Effectively detoxification and removal fat.


2:safety:Natural pollution materials such as Taiwan fruit extracts,Honghu lotus and Yunnan pu’er tea is selected to produce this product. Strict strain experiments prove that it is safe and effective.


3:convenience:2 times per day,one bag each time,Brewing in boiling water and drink it while it is hot.


4:good taste:Stronge fruity fragrance makes you fell relax and happy.


5:Lasting effect:Suitable for long-term consumption and will not rebound.


The principle of slimming


In china,It is the first health slimming product that do not contain any prohibited drugs.This product is refined by using several extracts of Taiwan native flowers and fruits,without any chemical composition and preservative.All materials are organically generated instead of genetically modified.Green slimming product can sculp the body to be fit and beauty and at the same time provide nutrition,promote metabolism,support the ability of body purification,stimulate the calories’s depletion.Some special ingredients are able to keep the balance of flora in intestinal,moisten the intestines,quickly fluidify the solid fat cell into free state.and excrete the fat metabolites and harmful substances through the metabolic system.


In the other size,The polymer multi-carbohydrate makes the intestine fully absorpting water,increasing the secretion ofintestinal fluidand activity of lipase,adjusting the colon autonomic nervous system.inducing the peristaltic movement of the rectum and the S-shaped colon to make the abdominal fat depleting.The tea can roundly adjust the human body environment to promote the alkalization of body fluid,keep the organism being healthy,boost up the body’s immune system and long-term to maintain a normal body.


Plantago, arrowroot, wild lily, rich sun tea, Poria, Coix seed, various types of tea.

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