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[name] herbal deacidification tea 

[characters] tea bag 

[ingredients] plantago,arrowroot,wild lily,fuxi tea,poria,coix seed,various flower tea. 

[direction] 2 times per day,each time put 1 tea bag into a cup,steep it in boiling water for 3-10minites and them drink it while it is hot.it can be repeatedly brewed for 4~6 times.

[specification] 3g/bag*20bags/box 

[storage method] placed in a cool,ventilated,dry place. 

[shelf life] 2 years 

[manufacture standard] Q/SKB002-2009 

[manufacture licence number] QS4213 1402 0007


Principle of herbal deacidification tea


Science research shows that acidic body is the source of diseases.if one has a trend of acidic body,the function of cells will be weaker,the burden of kidney and liver will increase and metabolism will be more slowness,so all kind of organ will be more weak.


therefor,the key point to alleviate gout is to improve acidic body.Zhonghe herbe deacidification tea adopts Chinese medicine herbal materials such as plantago,arrowroot tea,wild lily,fuxi tea,by using the most advanced microwave extraction technology to separate and purify the herb,finally separates out active ingredient.This product characterize by its 100% natural,high-purity,high absorption rate,is regarded as the necessary product of the gout crowd.Even more amazing is that all ingredients of zhonghe herbal deacidification tea will quickly blend and interact,and then produce the unique alkaline ion of this tea.researches found that this special alkaline ion can penetrate the epidermal cells of affected part as supermicro molecular free state within 3 minites,and then neutralize、dissolve、discharge the urate crystals which deposited in joint、soft tissue, after clearing the kidney,the acid hazardous substances separate out from kidney into blood then sxcreted through the urine.and then it gradually reverts to healthy alkaline body and radically alleviates the gout diseases.at the same time,the ingredients such as Fuxi tea have function of boosting up antioxidant and immunity,radically improve the body,from the source to prevet the synthesis and deposit of acid substances.Ancient Chinese tea cure has double effect of therapy and raise,plays a significant role in human health.


Six characteristics of herb deacidification tea



Shennongjia's medicine food homology natural herb.



In the basis of unearthing and sorting out the folk remedies,it is created through the use of modern science.



The materials is natural without adding any other ingredients ,studies prove that it is safe without poison or side effects.suitable for long-term taking.



Special ingredients、processing、and taste form its special effect.



Organic combination of tea culture and Chinese medicine culture、tradition and modern,it makes the effect and convenience to be perfect.The small tea bag is easy to carry and can brew and drink at any moment.



it not only has the sweet of Fuxi tea,but also has the aromatic of scented tea.It can bring health and fun to you.

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