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Chinese tea culture has a long history dating back to the story that Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs to test their medical value. < ShenNong BenCao Jing> noted that Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs, he suffered 70 poisons one day and used tea to therapy himself.So tea in china first is durg.Chinese has a long history to research and apply the tea about its health care and therapy. Tea therapy plays an important role in chinese medicine, it keeps the tea’s characteristics and functions,at the same time,has its original effect,it is really a treasure of chinese tea culture.


Shuizhou city where located in northwest Hubei Province is the hometown of Yan Emperor Shennong and Chimes Ancient Music.it is the place where Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs,and then the story spread to the world.The KangHuiNianHua tea seriesis refined by adopting the medicine food homology natural herbs and specialtechnics accordingto traditional Chinese medical theory.These products accords with nowadays life and health’s topic which is “Natural health, and return to nature”,loved by the market and the majority of consumers.


“PeiJiuShi”hangover tea is well known and memorable by its vivid image brand nameand humane design.it processed by using modern biotechnologyand adopting ShenNongJia purple arrowroot flower、pueraria、raisin tree seed、XOS alcoholas main materials.”PeiJiuShi”hangover health tea is an high-end drinks which is able to relieve hangover、protect liver、boost stomach and keep health.it took the lead in the peer to past ISO9001 certification,and awarded “China Hangover Product Quality Fair First Brand” by China National Light Industry Station.2005,it was awarded “AAA Quality And Integrity Unit” and “Quality And Integrity Consumer(User) Trust Unit”.It is well-deserved for the first brand of China’s hangover product.With this product,you will not worry about the business entertainments.


“Pei Jiu Shi” hangover tea is a tea product specifically forrelieving hangover,we can also call it hangover drink.It is used when in need of preventing drunk and has the health effect of relieving hangover and protecting liver.it is a necessary product for someone who regularly drinking.

Ingredients:purple arrowroot flower、pueraria、raisin tree seed、XOS alcohol

Characteristics:nature and wildness,taste authentic、fragrance.

Usage method:put 1 tea bag into a cup each time,steep it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes,drink it while it is hot. used when in need of preventing drunk,properly increase the quantity to relieve hangover.

Effect:relieve hangover,protect liver,boost stomach,health.

Suitable place and crowd:official,business people,feast party,pastime crowd.

Sales channels:hotel,restaurant,taproom,night club,drugstore,teashop,community fairs,group buying,welfare.

Shelf time:2 years.

Special tips:First company in china introduced into japan suntory company’s functional XOS alcohol to make the product more effective.

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