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It spends 3 years for WanSongTang cooperated with Taiwan CARRM slimming center to create this product.it uses the world's most advanced health slimming concept which is "nutritionally balanced+low calories+normal metabolism".according to this concept and breaking through a variety of technical problems,it is produced by combining tea,flower,fruit as one.This product contains all kinds of microelements,Lotus and pu'er is effective for slimming,fruit flavonoids can supplement vitamin C ,vitamin E for women and the bitter orange can detoxifies.It is really a excellent product for women's slimming and beauty.

Five characteristics of fruit flavors slimming tea
1,Effectiveness:Stimulate the activity of lipase and thus inhibit fat synthesised.Effectively detoxification and removal fat.
2,safety:Natural pollution materials such as Taiwan fruit extracts,Honghu lotus and Yunnan pu'er tea is selected to produce this product. Strict strain experiments prove that it is safe and effective.
3,convenience:2 times per day,one bag each time,Brewing in boiling water and drink it while it is hot.
4,good taste:Stronge fruity fragrance makes you fell relax and happy.
5,Lasting effect:Suitable for long-term consumption and will not rebound.

Composition:kiwi,grapes,papaya,wax apple,lemon,bitter orange,aloe,lotus,pu'er.

Dosage and usage:put the tea bag in a cup,steep the tea bag in boiling water for 3~5minites,drink it white it is hot. It can be repeatedly brewing for 2~3 times till the tea soup color fades.


Notes:This tea is not a substitute of medicine.

Storage:Store in a dry &cool place

Shelf life:24months

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