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Product description:

As we all know that smoking is harmful to health.but it is a difficult matter to quit smoking.Many people try repeatedly but they are failed.Because the success rate is very small to quit smoking merely rely on willpower,only through the auxiliary effective smoking cessation products to kick the habit.
Quit smoking drops one minute take effect,three days smoking by half,six days drastically give up smoking.its effects make it to be the China excellent smoke cessation brand.it is favoured by the quit smoking people for its easy using and 99% success rate.


Quit smoking drops is extracted by combining pure natural plants with moderm technology.By dripping few drops to filter tip,cigarette essence can be changed,smell of cigarette can be reduced and slowly smokers can put end on the nicotine dependency.Regular use of this drop will help smokers to change mentally and physically to quit smoking;

Composition:Houttuynia, menthol, honeysuckle, Polygalaceae, asters, etc.



Healthy function:see the wonder in one minute,three days smoking by half,six days to quite quit smoking.

Dosage and usage:Prick a small hole through of the bottle and drop 2-3 drops to filter tip of cigarette before smoking.

Suitable group:People who want to quit smoking.

Side-effect:There is no side-effect have been found.









 Notes:To achieve the best result, please make regular and full use of drops



Storage:store in a dry and cool place



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