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location:home >> products >> Cordyceps kidney care tea Health tea bag

Product description:

Cordyceps kidney tea has the function of kidney impotence,a specifically male health tea.taking Cordyceps tea can guarantee physical health, while improving the quality of life.This product is on the basis of medicinal and edible theory in China for thousands year and a number of traditional heath care formula,refined by selected the raw materials which have the effct of anti-fatigue,physical fitness,protect kidney.It can promote the body's endocrine and metabolic, clear body transitional accumulation of lipid peroxide radicals,the overall improvement and enhance of immunity.Cordyceps kidney tea extract active ingredients from valuable herbs Ophioglossum and Cordyceps,Organic combination of the health fitness herbs of Cistanche, Morinda officinalis,Polygonum multiflorum.etc.With highly active ingredients,this product is significantly efficacy , especially suitable for married men,drink it before going to bed, the best results.

Composition: Herba Ophioglossum,Cordyceps,Epimedium Cistanche, Morinda officinalis,Polygonum multiflorum, Rehmannia

Healthy function:kidney impotence,anti-fatigue,physical fitness,enhance of immunity.

 Dosage and usage:put 1 to 2 bags of this product into about 200ml boiling water.drink it after soaking for 3 to 10 minutes(normally one dose can be made for 3~4 times).greater effects will be gained if drinking it half an hour after meal. drink it before going to bed, the best results.

Suitable group:  men, especially suitable for married men.

Side-effect:There is no side effect has been found for this product.


Notes:This tea can not replace medicine.

Storage:Store in a dry &cool place.


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