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This tea is specifically designed for crowds who drinking and smoking.In order to achieve the health care effect of cleaning throat,hangover,protecting liver,raising gastric,our company has invested a lot of money for research and development.It collect natural medicinal and edible herbals such as polygonatum,almonds,pueraria,houttuynia,Honeysuckle.This product select good material,combined with modern biological extraction technology,effectively preserve the active ingredients.It taste with natural fragrance,not only have the fragrance of honeysuckle,and the tea soup is beautiful and clean.This product is pure plant extracts, without any additives.
“KangHuiNianHua” protect smoking and drinking tea can quickly rid the body of excess alcohol,Clear nicotine long-term adhesion in the cell wall of Trachea and Alveolar,thereby eliminating the hazards of smoking and alcohol-induced.


Effect:Clear Pharynx,nourishing Lung,Expectorant,Detox,Relieve hangover and protect liver.

Dosage and usage:put 1 to 2 bags of this product into about 200ml boiling water.drink it after soaking for 3 to 10 minutes(normally one dose can be made for 3~4 times).greater effects will be gained if drinking it half an hour after meal. Increase the dose when the hangover

Suitable group:Long-term smokers and who drink alcohol

Side-effect:There is no side effect has been found for this product.

Notes:This tea can not replace medicine.

Storage:Store in a dry &cool place.

Shelf life:24 months


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