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Lung cleaning tea is formulated with high quality herbs,which are commonly used to clean the lung and throat in chinese medicine theory.It is effective to clean the heat and phlegm in lung and throat and reduce nicotinism and other harmful matters in the lungs,suitable for long time smoking person,long time coughing and weak immune system person,lower lungs' function people.

Ingredients:Lily,Wrinkled Gianthyssop,Fortune Eupatorium Herb,Mulberry Leaf,Peppermint,Radix Glycyrrhizae.

Effect:Clean the lungs and reduce Nicotinism and other harmful matters in the lungs,stop coughing,boost immune system and also good for sore throat.

Dosage and usage:put 1 to 2 bags of this product into about 200ml boiling water.drink it after soaking for 3 to 10 minutes(normally one dose can be made for 3~4 times).greater effects will be gained if drinking it half an hour after meal. 

Suitable group:Suitable for low immunity,pharynx and throat,lung discomfort crowd,make you freash breath,smoking personage of long-term effect is better,is to drink "tea" drink to the heath.

Side-effect:There is no side effect has been found for this product.

Notes:This tea can not replace medicine.

Storage:Store in a dry &cool place.

Shelf life:24 months


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