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WanSongTang-Zhen Mei Burdock tea collect quality burdock root,refined by using advanced technology.it has gold yellow color and pleasant fragrance.It is rich in protein,calcium,vitamin. these nutrition element can improve metabolism.protein can improve immunity,boost the growth of new cell,it is benefit for keeping the balance of our body,play a important role in our health.



Burdock tea can produced many substances which benefit for our health,especially the folic acid can Prevent mutation to prevent cancer cells.
Promote the proliferation of cells in the body,strengthen and enhance white blood cells,platelets,making the T cells growthing at the 3 times of speed,enhancing anti-cancer effects.improve the balance of phosphorus,calcium and vitamin D in our body,maintain the body's normal need to grow.Can clean the boold,boost metabolism,prevent aging,keep the skin beauty,dispel splash and brown spots.Can enhance the human body' most hard proteins: Collagen.Enhance the vitality of the cells in the body.


Ingredients:burdock root

Dosage and usage:put the tea bag in a cup,steep the tea bag in boiling water for 3~5minites,drink it white it is hot. It can be repeatedly brewing for 2~3 times till the tea soup color fades. 

Storage:Store in a dry &cool place.


Specification:4g/tea bag*50 tea bags/bag


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